COIL is here to find solutions

At the Carleton Optical Innovation Lab (COIL) we want to make a difference to the lives of our students, the future of our industry and the quality of life for all Canadians.  

For our students:

At COIL we are committed to providing you with opportunities to expand your knowledge with advanced courses in the optics field.  We have facilities that will help you develop valuable practical lab skills and you will be provided with opportunities to develop soft skills through conference presentations and papers.  We will ensure that your graduate program milestones are clearly explained and respect your right to choose your path and your future.  I you are interested in our industry internships it is our goal to help you develop your network through these opportunities. COIL exists to help you succeed!

For our Industry:

We believe that one of COIL’s main purposes is to provide graduate level training for future industry and academic leaders. Because of this we seek to provide students with skills that are in demand in the modern photonics industry.  Our advanced graduate courses provide students with knowledge beyond what is taught in a typical undergraduate curriculum.  We are committed to working with industry to tailor directed studies to specific knowledge areas.  Through internship programs we will work with companies to provide potential employees with advanced training, advice and hands on skill development.  COIL’s goal is to train the next generation!