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Our world is evolving rapidly as we settle into the 21st century.  The impact of climate change and pollution threaten the quality of life of future generations.  The emergence of social media and e-commerce have raised significant concerns over internet privacy and security.  Internet security is further threatened by the potential of quantum supremacy, where quantum computers become capable of cracking our most sophisticated cryptographic systems.  As our health care system evolves there will be an increasing need for remote medical access and home monitoring solutions.  Health monitoring wearable technologies will become even more common and powerful as people strive to live more healthy lives.  As our world becomes increasingly connected the emergence of autonomous vehicles will transform the way we travel and impact the structure of our communities.  

These topics barely scratch the surface of the plethora of challenges that we face now and in the future.  Not surprisingly, technology will play a central role in how we tackle many of these problems.  Optical technologies have played a central role over the last 50 years in communication, health, and the environment and will certainly continue to do so for the next 50 years!

At the Carleton Optical Innovation Laboratory, we are committed to exploring optical solutions to the challenges that we face in the modern world.  If optics can provide the solution, we are interested!


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Nobel Prize


Dr. Smelser's former advisor Donna Strickand recently won the Nobel Prize for physics!

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New Laser Installed


The new laser is here and the lab should be up and running by January 2019!

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Sondos successfully defended her PhD thesis in September!